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At Sussex Audiology Centre we don’t just sell you hearing aids and send you on your way. We pride ourselves in providing complete and thorough aftercare to ensure you are getting the best possible outcome for your hearing and are managing with your new hearing instruments. At some point all patients will have a question about how to care for their hearing aids or troubleshoot something that is not quite right. In addition to your follow up appointments with your Audiologist we have prepared this page and aftercare advice to help you feel more confident and empowered with caring for your hearing aids. Below you will find copies of our aftercare advice booklets, links to our short video guides as well as some useful links to our supplier websites.

If at any time you are need further advice or support feel free to give one of our team a call on 03303 203 413.

Patient hearing aid care guides


Hearing Aid Aftercare Guide

For Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids


Hearing Aid Aftercare Guide

For In-The-Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids

Video tutorials for hearing aid care


My hearing aid has a solid red light and isn’t charging
Press the top button on the rocker switch and hold for 20 seconds then place back into the charger. It should now flash red and start to charge if not please contact us.
My hearing aid is whistling
It could be a blockage of wax. Try giving your hearing aid a clean and change the wax guard. If it persists, call to make an appointment.
What do I do if my hearing aid isn’t working?
First check the charger and make sure it’s been charged. If it has, check the dome and change the wax guard as they could be blocked with wax. If still nothing, please contact us to arrange an appointment.
My hearing aid is beeping when the other aid has died or is on charge
The hearing aids are programmed to work as a pair and when they are not connected to each other they will let you know with the beeping noise.
How do I clean my hearing aids?
Check out our hearing aid cleaning videos on our website. We also have guides on how to care for your hearing aids which include cleaning instructions.
My hearing aid is flashing different colours when charging
This is normal as long as there isn’t a solid red light.
I’m having trouble with my Phonak app on my phone
Try checking out Phonak’s useful website: Hearing Aid Apps | Phonak
When using a TV link, will everyone hear the TV or does it stream to my hearing aids only?
It streams to aids so the wearer can hear the TV clearly and can control the volume via the hearing aids, it doesn’t stop the rest of the family hearing the TV at a level they are happy with, and they can control the volume of the TV without effecting the hearing aid wearers volume.
There is no light on the back of the TV connector
This means that there is no power to the connecter. Please look at the plug and ensure all is plugged in.
I can hear the TV even when the TV is off
If your hearing aids are connected to a Sky or Virgin box this will happen as the Sky or Virgin box is still on. Please turn this off and it will stop. If this isn’t what you want to do, you can unplug the TV connector.
I can’t find the digital audio output on the TV
This may mean that your TV isn’t compatible with the Digital audio output, or it could mean that you have a soundbar already plugged in therefore you can’t plug the TV connector in too. Try plugging directly into your Sky or Virgin box.

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