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Earwax Removal

At the Sussex Audiology Centre, we use two methods of earwax removal, microsuction and irrigation (also known as syringing), and we may occasionally complement either of these with manual removal using a Jobson horn.


Microsuction is our preferred removal method, as it is non-invasive and so more comfortable. It is also cleaner and much quicker than irrigation.
To aid easy removal of ear wax, we ask that you apply olive oil drops inside your ears for at least 2–3 days, but ideally a week, prior to your appointment. For those with known middle ear conditions or perforations, microsuction is the only appropriate wax removal method.

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Also known as syringing, we are able to use this method of wax removal upon request or in the very few cases where it is more suitable. With irrigation, wax softening is essential to success and so we require that you apply olive oil or sodium bicarbonate drops inside your ears for 7–10 days prior to your appointment. If you have a known middle ear condition or perforation, irrigation is not an option.

Ear Wax

Everybody has earwax, to varying levels. Earwax is produced inside the ears to keep them clean and free of germs. It usually passes out of the ears naturally and harmlessly without you noticing, however, some people are prone to earwax building up and causing a blockage, which requires removal. A build-up of earwax can cause itchiness, hearing loss, tinnitus, earache and ear infections, and even vertigo.

These before and after pictures show just how effective wax removal is.

Our clinics

At Sussex Audiology Centre, we are proud to be the only local company using ENT grade wall mounted microscopes offering superior vision over Head Loupes or iPhone systems. All of our clinics are fitted with high quality, quiet Microsuction Pumps. Our Audiologists will undertake a thorough patient history, perform HD video Otoscopy and offer a complimentary hearing test after the procedure.

Ear wax removal prices in our clinics are:

£40 – Ear examination & advice given by the Audiologist (no wax present)

£70 – One ear wax removal

£90 – Two ears wax removal

“We also offer home visits for patients that are unable to come to us. A range of home visit services are available, call us to find out more or click HERE

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“Lovely and friendly. Helped me amazingly remove my wax buildup comfortably. And offered to clean my other ear free of charge as it was only ever so slightly blocked. Highly recommend visiting here for your ear troubles.”

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