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Phonak Lyric - The Invisible Hearing Aid

The Lyric device, from Swiss hearing aid manufacturer Phonak, is the world’s first hearing aid that can be worn for extended periods. Measuring just 12mm long and sitting 4mm from your drum, it’s placed inside your ear canal by a trained professional and is completely invisible.

The device uses the natural properties and anatomy of the ear and offers exceptional sound quality – your ears will hear in exactly the way they were designed to, 24 hours a day, and no one will be any the wiser!

The Lyric hearing aid enables you to live confidently, without constraints.


The Lyric Device

The Lyric is unlikely any other hearing aid on the market, as it can be worn continuously for months at a time, being safe to wear for all daily activities, from showering to sleeping. There is no need to insert/remove daily or change the battery, and the device is essentially maintenance-free. The greater freedom this provides gives the sense of living without a hearing aid or any hearing loss at all, as all your daily activities are restored.

The Lyric programme has the added benefit of always giving you the latest technology, as you will always have a new product inserted when your current device runs out of battery So if an improved model is released, you will be upgraded on your next fitting.


Sussex Audiology – Lyric Experts

The Lyric device is an exclusive device, available at less than 30 fitting centres across the UK. We believe it is an exceptional product, different and superior to the conventional hearing aid in many ways. Our Hove branch is a specialist Lyric fitting centre, where we can carry out a Lyric assessment to determine if this hearing aid is suitable for your hearing loss profile. If it is, we can offer a 30-day free trial of the Lyric hearing aids, including at least one follow-up. Call us today to book yourself in.

“We also offer home visits for patients that are unable to come to us. A range of home visit services are available, call us to find out more or click HERE

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