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Hearing Aid Packages

At Sussex Audiology Centre we provide comprehensive hearing aid packages offering everything from complete follow up and aftercare, patient information booklets and videos, online guidance and support as well as a complimentary after care starter pack with every hearing aid purchase.

With a full range of hearing aid services on offer, we’re here to support you all the way. We also offer access to hearing aid insurance and finance packages should you wish to spread the cost of your purchase. See below our package price options where we will provide you with the latest in hearing technology from a wide range of manufacturers finding the very best, personalised solution for you. Our Audiologists will start with a free, no obligation hearing aid assessment where they will undertake a full health history, hearing test and check your overall ear health.

With a wide range of environments to consider such as performance in noise and sounds of nature, wireless connectivity and clarity and speech understanding our Audiologists will take the time to find out what is important to you and your lifestyle enabling them to guide you to the best possible investment for your hearing and a prescription which is completely tailored for you.


Platinum features

Additional features

  • Extended 5 year warranty
  • Discounted wax removal rates*
  • Free batteries for 2 years (where required)
  • Hearing therapy appointment with Hearing Therapist if desired
  • Enhanced options (ie. waterproof)


Gold features

Additional features

  • Extended 4 year warranty
  • Discounted wax removal rates*
  • Free batteries for 2 years (where required)


Silver features

Additional features

  • Extended 3 year warranty


Bronze features

Additional features

  • Manufacturer 2 year warranty
Hearing Aid Package features key

All of our hearing aids are sold with:

Hearing Therapy

Offered with our Platinum Package, you can access a complimentary appointment with our hearing therapist, Saskia Harden at our Hove Clinic.


Payment plans

Should you wish to spread all or part of the cost of your hearing aid purchase, we’ve got options for you! Our payment plans allow you to spread the cost over 12 months with zero interest to pay! Speak to one of the team if you would like to find out more.

Hearing Aid Insurance

Once you have acquired your new hearing aids, you may want to make sure that you have adequate insurance protection in place. As with any small portable item, these objects are easy to lose or damage accidentally. Our colleagues at Assetsure can provide you with a quote.

To find out more feel free to speak to one of our team or follow this link:

Company code: 700125

Hearing Aid Trial

At Sussex Audiology Centre, we offer 45-day free hearing aid trials with a money-back guarantee, following a comprehensive hearing aid assessment.

To take advantage of our free trial offer, book in for a hearing aid assessment with one of our specialists either at one of our centres or book a home visit. They will recommend the most suitable model for you and we will order custom ear moulds if required. Once your hearing aids have arrived, we’ll make a further appointment for you to have them fitted (payment is taken at this appointment) and the trial period will begin. Throughout the trial period, you will benefit from free follow-up appointments to check that you’re getting maximum benefit from your hearing aids and that they are the right fit and match for you.

Money-back guarantee

After 45 days, if you’re happy with the hearing aids then you don’t need to do anything further – they’re yours to keep and you can carry on living with improved hearing! If, however, you feel they’re not quite right for you, simply let us know and we’ll provide a full refund or find you a different solution.

Hearing Aid Aftercare

Your aftercare service is by far one of the most important considerations when deciding to purchase hearing aids and we’ve got your covered! At Sussex Audiology Centre, we don’t just fit your hearing aids and send you on your way; we regularly check in to make sure everything is going well and you’re happy.

This relationship between patient and Audiologist is hugely important, to us and to you. As such, we offer at least an annual hearing test and check up of your hearing aids and ear canal, and encourage you to book an appointment if you have even the slightest concern. This aftercare is all included with your hearing aid purchase. We are also able to provide aftercare for hearing aids purchased from other providers (NHS excluded), though charges apply. Please enquire about our transferred care packages with our receptions team.

For maximum performance and sound quality, hearing aids must be serviced and cleaned. Occasionally parts will need to be replaced, for example tubing, wiring, receiver filters, microphones filters/covers, domes or moulds. The level of maintenance required varies from person to person, based on their ears and their environment. With the purchase of your hearing aids we will send you home with all the information and supplies needed to care for your new technology.

You will receive;

Aftercare pack

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