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At Sussex Audiology Centre we know that it isn’t always easy or convenient to attend one of our centres in person. We are happy to bring our expertise direct to you, with a home visit from one of our expert Audiologists, who will carry out a thorough assessment and evaluate the challenges you’re facing.

Home visits are convenient and stress-free, designed to meet the needs of patients who are immobile, have health problems and are unable to travel. Appointments can be booked to fit around your lifestyle, and we can offer comprehensive hearing aid assessment and/or microsuction ear wax removal and video otoscopy with an optional free hearing test afterwards.

You can book a home visit using our online form, or email or call us today.


Free Hearing Aid Assessment at Home

We are pleased to offer our clients free at-home hearing aid assessment. To carry out the assessment, an Audiologist will use an otoscope to look inside your areas and see if wax is affecting your hearing. If your ears are clear and healthy, they will carry out a hearing test using over-ear headphones to produce an audiogram. Based on the results and your lifestyle and history, they will discuss whether and which hearing aids are most suited to your needs. As an independent provider, we are entirely unbiased in our recommendations – our only priority is that you have a simple set up that works for you. You may wish to have a family member, friend or carer present so that we can make the best assessment of your hearing history and current needs.

One of our hearing aid specialists will bring your chosen hearing aid and any accessories to your home, fit them for you, check the sound and talk you through how to use and look after your equipment. Sussex Audiology will keep in touch to arrange future check-ups, visits for maintenance and adjustments, and annual hearing tests.


Microsuction ear wax removal at home

We also offer microsuction ear wax removal from the comfort of your own home. Some people produce and retain more ear wax than others, and may need to have it cleaned regularly, as excessive and/or impacted ear wax can completely block the ear canal and cause hearing loss. Microsuction is the safest, most effective and comfortable method of ear wax removal.

The microsuction treatment involves a specialised procedure using a fine, low-pressure suction device that produces instant results – you will hear the difference immediately – and a video otoscope will be used to capture before and after images of your ear canal and ear drum. Before the appointment, you must apply a wax-softening preparation (olive oil drops such as Earol) twice a day for a week – softened wax is essential for us to proceed.


We know that some of our patients may be concerned about attending one of our centres in current circumstances. Our home visits are suitable for even those who are shielding, as audiologists will attend wearing PPE and equipped with single-use items. We have adapted our services and procedures to be in line with audiology guidelines from the government and UK professional bodies, to keep both clients and staff safe.

Home visit T&Cs

Please see below our schedule of fees and T&Cs for home visit consultations.


Microsuction – £175

Ear check/consultation fee – £90

If wax removal is not possible on the first visit, then we will return after 10 days giving additional time for ear drops to soften the wax.

Any further call outs required within 3 months will be charged at £90 per visit.

Terms and conditions:

Up front payment is required at the time of booking, card payment can be taken via telephone or a link sent to you to complete via your mobile phone.

The full £175 fee is payable, a part refund will be credited after the second visit if the audiologist is unable to remove the wax despite the wax being softened as directed.

If wax has not been sufficiently softened prior to the appointment the consultation fee remains payable. This will be confirmed via video otoscopy.

Appointments will not be made within 7 days to allow sufficient time for ear drops to take effect and maximise the efficacy of the appointment. Olive oil ear drops (Earol) should be applied morning and evening for the 7 days prior to the appointment unless a valid reason why this is not possible (ie. Perforated ear drum).

If the appointment is cancelled within 24 hours of the visit a £90 fee will be charged.

If the patient is not present or not able to be seen a £90 appointment fee will be charged.

Appointments will be within a 2 hour window, the audiologist will call on route to confirm arrival 30 mins prior.

Patient must be ready for their appointment, sitting upright in a chair with access to both ears. Patients in care homes must be able to sit in a non-high winged chair (normal high backed chair is suitable).

You will be required to read and sign (if able) the accompanying treatment consent form ahead of your appointment.

“We also offer home visits for patients that are unable to come to us. A range of home visit services are available, call us to find out more or click HERE

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