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Hearing Protection

Various hobbies and professions can pose a risk to hearing and protective measures and equipment are required. Sussex Audiology Centre can provide a wide range of hearing protection devices and in-ear monitors to suit different trades, sports and hobbies.

Hearing Protection

We offer an initial consultation, where we will thoroughly check your ears and discuss what kind of protection is required. We’ll then take impressions of your ears to create custom moulds – it’s important to ensure there is no wax build up in your ears before doing so – and send the impressions to ACS, a company that specialises in custom-made hearing protection. It typically takes 2 weeks for these to be made and sent to us, at which point we’ll contact you to arrange a fitting appointment.

The different types of hearing protection and in-ear monitors available are listed here. All prices include the consultation, product itself and fitting.

“We also offer home visits for patients that are unable to come to us. A range of home visit services are available, call us to find out more or click HERE

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“Lovely and friendly. Helped me amazingly remove my wax buildup comfortably. And offered to clean my other ear free of charge as it was only ever so slightly blocked. Highly recommend visiting here for your ear troubles.”

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