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Ear Wax Removal Hastings

Hearing loss and earache are common symptoms of ear wax build-up, which can significantly impact your daily life. When ear drops are ineffective, it’s essential to seek professional assistance to clear your ear canals. At Sussex Audiology Centre, our skilled audiologists are ready to treat troublesome ear wax and restore your hearing to its full potential. Our comprehensive ear wax removal service ensures your ear health and hearing are well-maintained through detailed tests and assessments.

We have clinics throughout Sussex, providing a full range of audiology services, including ear wax removal, hearing tests, hearing aids, and tinnitus therapy. For your convenience, we also offer home visits to Seaford, allowing you to receive ear wax removal treatment in the comfort of your own home.

What is Ear wax?

Ear wax develops as a natural part of your ears’ self-cleaning process. It functions to moisturise your ear canals while also protecting your inner ear from dirt and germs. Most of the time, ear wax moves to the outside of your ear without any problem, allowing you to clear away much fuss. Yet some people can produce too much earwax, too much for the ears to naturally clear themselves. This leads to build-ups which can cause itchiness, hearing loss, tinnitus, earache and ear infections.

Our Ear Wax Removal Methods

At the Sussex Audiology Centre, we use two methods of ear wax removal, microsuction and irrigation (also known as syringing). We may combine either of these treatments with manual removal using a Jobson horn.


The most common form of ear wax removal is microsuction. It’s our preferred method as it’s the least invasive and more comfortable. It’s also cleaner and faster than irrigation. We can remove earwax in a single appointment however we do need you to soften your ear wax for a week before the appointment for the best results. You can easily do this by adding olive oil inside your ears. It’s best to do this before you go to bed at night.

Microsuction uses a small suction device much like a vacuum cleaner. It sucks up the softened ear wax. We aim to remove as much as we can in one sitting, but sometimes the wax needs more encouragement. If this is the case, we’ll ask you to keep using olive oil drops to soften the wax and will arrange for another appointment.


Also known as syringing, irrigation uses warm water to flush out the ear wax. We try to avoid using this method as microsuction is less invasive. However, in cases of stubborn ear wax build-ups, we may decide to use both to completely clear your ear canals. The same with microsuction, we will need you to soften the ear wax with olive oil drops before the appointment for 7-10 days. If you have a known middle ear condition or perforation, irrigation is not an option.

Professional, Personal & Proficient Aftercare

We are the only private, independent company in Sussex offering services including hearing aid provision, balance diagnosis and rehabilitation, and tinnitus therapy. We can provide a more personalised service than both the NHS and national chains. Our family run business has been proudly serving Sussex for 25 years. We have grown from one centre to five, covering the broader Sussex area.

We believe in providing the very best level of care. During your visit to one of our clinics, our Audiologists will undertake a thorough patient history, perform HD video Otoscopy and offer a complimentary hearing test after the procedure.

At Sussex Audiology Centre, we are proud to be the only local company using ENT grade wall mounted microscopes offering superior vision over Head Loupes or iPhone systems. All of our clinics are fitted with high quality, quiet microsuction Pumps.

Clinic Fees

£40 – Ear examination & advice given by the Audiologist (no wax present)
£70 – One ear wax removal
£90 – Two ears wax removal

Ear wax Removal At Home

We know that it’s not always convenient or possible to visit one of our clinics in person. Our mobile ear wax and audiology service means that we can come to you in Hastings. One of our expert audiologists can visit you at home. We can book your appointment around your lifestyle, reducing any impact on your day-to-day life.

Our home visits include microsuction, video otoscopy and can also include an optional free hearing test afterwards. You’ll need to use olive oil drops before the appointment so it’s best to book a week in advance to give you time to soften the wax before the removal.

Home Visit Fees

Microsuction – £175
Ear check/consultation fee – £90

Our Locations


The Hove Clinic
17-19 Montefiore Road
Hove, East Sussex
Tel: 01273 778977

Haywards Heath

Haywards Heath Nuffield Health Hospital
Burrell Road
Haywards Heath, West Sussex
RH16 1UD
Tel: 01444 500 246


Sussex Audiology Centre Store
313 Goring Road
West Sussex
BN12 4NX
Tel: 01903 243300


Sussex Audiology Centre – Lewes
Unit 1, Artisan House, Brooks Road
Lewes, East Sussex
Tel: 01273 752979


Sussex Audiology Centre – Ferring
32 Ferring St,
Ferring, Worthing,
BN12 5HJ
Tel: 01903 500636


Book an Ear wax Removal appointment online

You don’t need to be an existing patient of ours to book for ear wax removal. Booking is really straight-forward and you can make an appointment using our online service. You can access the portal at the top of the page.

If you would like to find out more about our services, you can always give us a call on 0330 3203 413. Similarly, you can get in touch using our contact form and ask us any questions you have. We are always happy to help.

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