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Hearing Aid Aftercare

At Sussex Audiology Centre we like to 'check in' with our patients to make sure everything is going well.

After a fitting, we like you to have at the very least, an annual hearing test and check up of the hearing aids and your ear canal. We also encourage our patients to book in to see us if they have even the slightest issue.

The relationship of a patient and Audiologist is incredibly undervalued. The aftercare that is included with your hearing aid is of the utmost importance. It is very rare that a hearing aid is fitted once and never adjusted for the rest of its life.

There are three main areas that require attention:-

The maintenance of Hearing Aids:

In order for a hearing aid to work well, it must be serviced and cleaned. If a component is blocked or broken sound quality can be greatly affected. All hearing aids have parts that need to be maintained and/or regularly replaced, this can be any of the following;

The tubing, the wiring, the receiver filters, the microphone filters/covers, the domes or the moulds.

It is important that this is carried out effectively. Each person requires different levels of maintenance depending on whether they produce excessive wax, excessive moisture or work or live in a dusty environment. 

At the Sussex Audiology Centre we are happy to demonstrate the best methods to help with this maintenance, supply cleaning products where necessary, or do this for you at routine intervals. 

The programming of Hearing Aids:

The success of a hearing aid also relies on making sure the programming is still suitable for your hearing loss. A hearing test should be carried out at least once a year and any adjustments made as required.

Regular hearing tests and ear examinations:

An annual hearing test and examination of the ears to check for any wax or foreign bodies is also important to general health as well as successful hearing.

New Patient Aftercare

If you have not purchased your hearing aid through the Sussex Audiology Centre but would like to see us, we would be more than happy to take on your aftercare.

We charge £75 for a hearing test and £45 for reprogramming.

Please note we are not able to look after or maintain NHS Hearing Aids.