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Expert Medico-Legal Reporting

At Sussex Audiology Centre we are highly experienced in providing medical reports for personal injury and noise induced hearing loss.  All our experts have experience in Medico-legal work.

With 4 centres based across the whole of Sussex, we are well placed to undertake tests and reports. We also understand the need for quick appointments and turnarounds and havee many years experience building up good relationships with Solicitors and Medico-Legal Agencies. We are able to offer the following:

* Pure Tone Audiograms and indication using Lutmans if there is a likely case of 'noise induced hearing loss'

* ABR objective hearing test, when a reliable hearing test is not available or forthcoming

* Vestibular reporting on a client's balance post accident

* Medical reports by leading ENT Surgeon, Mr R Tranter FRCS

* Tinnitus therapy with report

* Tinnitus masking supply

* Quotes for Hearing Aid provision and ongoing maintenance

* ABR, Vestibular reporting and Tinnitus therapy must be requested with a referral letter from a Consultant.

Call  01273 778977  or  01903 243300