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Phonak Lyric - The Invisible Hearing Aid

Lyric is completely invisible and is the world's first hearing aid which can be worn for extended periods of time. No one can see how well you can hear 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Lyric device, from Swiss hearing aid manufacturer Phonak, is placed completely in your ear canal by one of our trained professionals. At 12mm long it sits just 4mm from your ear drum. It offers exceptional sound quality and is the ultimate invisible hearing aid. It uses the natural properties of your ear's anatomy so you are hearing the way your ears are designed to!

Lyric gives you exceptional hearing and lets you live your life without constraints. As it sits completely in the ear canal, it is the most cosmetic hearing aid on the market. You can wear Lyric for all your daily activities including showering, exercising and sleeping. No daily insertion or removal, battery changes or maintenance. It also offers fantastic sound quality as you are using the natural properties of your outer ear to improve localisation, feedback and occlusion.

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Sussex Audiology | Lyric Experts

The Lyric Hearing Aid is an exclusive product with less than 30 Lyric fitting Centre's across the UK. Here at the Sussex Audiology Centre we believe that the Lyric hearing aid is an exceptional product. It is different in many ways to a conventional hearing aid and we offer a 30 day trial on the Lyric hearing aid to anyone who may be interested.

Lyric | Continuous Hearing For Months At A Time

Lyric is completely different to any other hearing aid on the market due to the fact that it can be worn continuously for months at a time. You will have no daily reminder of your hearing loss and people who currently wear Lyric say that they no longer feel like they wear a hearing aid. You will have the freedom to shower, sleep, speak on the phone, hear a whispered goodnight from a loved one – do all the things that we should be able take for granted without the constraints of a hearing aid.

Lyric | Constantly Cutting Edge

Another benefit of the Lyric program is the fact that you will always have a new product inserted when your current device runs out of battery.  You will also have the benefit of receiving the very latest technology so if Lyric 2.0 is replaced with an improved model (which will happen as research and design is ongoing) you will gain the upgrade with your next fitting so you will always have the very latest Lyric Hearing Aid

Lyric | Get A Trial

A Lyric Assessment is carried out at our specialist Lyric fitting Centre in Hove.  If at the assessment a Lyric Hearing Aid is suitable for your hearing loss profile we would size the ear and fit a Lyric Hearing Aid (two if a binaural hearing loss).  This would be the start of a 30 day trial, during which we would keep in close contact and see you for at least one follow up during that time.  Whilst the Lyric is essentially maintenance free, we would give you instructions on the volume control and what to expect.