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Sussex Audiology | Hearing Aid Repairs

Sussex Audiology Centre will, of course, take care of any warranty or out of warranty issues for our current patients.

Call  01273 778977  or  01903 243300



No job too big or too small

We offer good value repairs ranging from £75 for a standard repair up to £350 for a major repair with a complete re-shell including new impressions. Please note that we are not always able to give a definite figure until a hearing aid has been assessed for a repair at which point we will contact you to make sure you wish to proceed.  

If it is a simple case of a new mould and/or new tubing then this would be less.

We are also happy to organise good value repairs to hearing aids purchased from other providers eg. Specsavers, Hidden Hearing etc, but as these are locked by the companies, we are unable to offer any reprogramming.