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Ear Wax Removal Sussex

Sussex Audiology uses two effective forms of wax removal. We offer both Microsuction and Irrigation (syringing). Microsuction is our preferred option as it is cleaner, quicker and more efficient. It is also said to be more comfortable than irrigation.  In some cases we may use manual removal with a Jobson horn to compliment either Microsuction or irrigation.

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Microsuction —

Quick & Comfortable

We mainly use Microsuction as our preferred option as it is cleaner, non invasive and significantly quicker than irrigation and find that most people find it more comfortable. 

Our recommendation if you have wax is to put olive oil, or preferably sodium bicarbonate ear drops in to your ears 2 to 3 days prior to your appointment as this will aid removal.

Microsuction is the only solution for removing wax for people with known middle ear conditions or perforations.  

The cost for Microsuction £60 for one ear or £90 for two.

If a domiciliary visit for Microsuction is required the cost will be £150.


Irrigation (syringing) is an option that we still have but is only used if someone requests it or if it is in a minority of cases, more suitable.  Preparation is key to successful wax removal by irrigation and olive oil or sodium bicarbonate ear drops must be used 7-10 days prior to removal.

The cost of irrigation is £60 for one ear or £90 for two

If you are aware of any middle ear conditions or have a known perforation irrigation is not suitable.

If a domiciliary visit for irrigation is required the cost will be £150.

If you would like to know more or for an appointment please telephone 01273 778977 for Hove and Haywards Heath or 01903 243300 for Goring-by-Sea.
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