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Training hard for the Brighton half....

Running the Brighton Half Marathon...?

“Me? Run? HaHa I don’t think so!” That was my response when my partner’s sister and sister-in-law tried to get me to join them in signing up to run the Brighton Half Marathon.

Having worked at the Sussex Audiology Centre for over 10 years my colleagues would never have thought of me as a runner as I just do not run! In fact I can’t run! But then after much deliberation I decided to go for it. Firstly I thought what a great achievement it would be if I actually completed it and secondly I thought what a great way to raise some money for a charity that I had promised I would one day raise money for.  So I did it, I signed up, and now there is no turning back.  I paid my entry fee, received my confirmation email, pondered on a thought of “oh my goodness what have I just done” for a while, but then felt pleased with myself for giving myself a challenge and a chance to raise some money for a great cause. So it’s official, I will be running 13.1 miles around Brighton on Sunday 22nd February 2015.

Training has commenced, albeit slowly as I am building up from nothing, and probably not as often as it should be at the moment as I do find I have relapsed a little with the dark, cold, winters evenings having drawn in. But come the beginning of January I am jumping head first in to running three times a week.  Mostly 2 midweek runs consisting of tempo runs for 20/30 minutes and then longer steady runs at the weekends,  building from 4 miles, to 5 miles, to 6 miles etc. as the weekends drift by  to  nearer the time building up  to 10/12 miles (eeekk) to then take it a little more easy as race day approaches to preserve my energy for the 13 miles. 

My colleagues at the Sussex Audiology Centre have been very supportive and encouraging which has been great.  Rosanne Westcott, our Audiological Technician and Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser, who is a keen runner and has taken part in previous half marathons, has been sharing many helpful tips and advice.

The charity I am running for is Haydn’s Wish.  Sadly Hayden, a friend of mine’s son who suffered with asthma, passed away in 2011 due to having an allergic reaction to the peanuts in his cereal. Something which had not shown to be an issue before and came without warning. 

Haydn’s Wish has been set up by his parents in his memory to raise awareness of the link between childhood asthma and potentially fatal allergies and raise funds for the research department at the Alexandra Children’s Hospital, the main research centre for the UK.

If you would like to show your support, please go to:

Its easy, fast and secure and will help me to really make a difference.


Thank you - Kelly Wordingham




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