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Gift Ideas for Hearing Aid Users


Christmas is just around the corner! and if you have someone on your gift list who wears hearing aids, there are plenty of presents you can get them.

There are lots of other gifts that you could buy that show you take an interest in their well-being and will make their life that much easier.


Alarm clocks

It is the little things that can make living with hearing loss more difficult, like not being able to hear the alarm clock when you need to get up for work or are meeting family or friends.

This WakeAssure Alarm Clock wakes even the heaviest of sleepers using sound, strobe lighting or a vibrating pad.


The large orange LED display digital alarm clock has combination options that the user can choose, including noise and flash, noise and vibrate or flash and vibrate.

Another great alarm clock that those with hearing loss would really appreciate as a birthday or Christmas present is the Mr Rooster Alarm Clock.


This alarm clock has been designed with the hearing impaired in mind as it generates a loud rooster call and has a vibrating pad that can be used under the pillow.

Telephone and doorbell ring flasher

Those suffering with hearing problems don’t have to worry about hearing the telephone ring as now there are new technologies that will alert you.

The CL-1 Telephone Ring Flasher, for example, provides light and sound indication for incoming telephone calls.

This product, which can be plugged directly into a telephone, has sound and strobe flash options, as well as a sound setting with volume and tone control.


Similarly to the Telephone Ring Flasher, there is also a door ring flasher and this product not only provides light and sound indication for the doorbell, but for telephone calls as well.

You will never miss a doorbell or a telephone call again, as the AmpliCALL20 will ring very loudly and flash to make someone aware that there is someone at the door or that there’s an incoming call.

Hearing aid decorations

To make hearing aids and cochlear implants more fun, you can add character to them by adding some decorations.

One such business that sells a variety of cochlear and hearing aid decorations is Hayleighs Cherished Charms. The business has more than 100 charms, tube twists and tube treasures.



The charms are handmade by Hayleigh, who came up with the idea for the business whilst at school. They range from animal charms and character charms to Swarovski element charms and band charms.


Jewellery with a cochlea design

AUD Bling was set-up by audiologist Noel Crosby after he decided that he wanted to create a conversation about hearing and hearing loss through wearing beautiful cochlea-shaped jewellery and accessories.

Now AUD Bling sells a variety of jewellery that aims to make more people aware of hearing loss. The jewellery from AUD Bling includes necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and jewellery sets.

One great present idea is the cochlea shaped opal pendant. If you want matching earrings to give to a friend or family member, then there are also silver medium dangle cochlea shaped opal earrings available too.

Sweat bands for hearing aids

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something to protect your hearing aid from dirt, sweat and moisture? Well, fortunately Gear for Ears has created a water resistant double wall spandex nylon sleeve that offers all of this and more.

The product can radically improve the hearing aid wearing experience as the soft spandex material makes the hearing aid even more comfortable to wear by protecting the ears from chafing, minimising the effect of wind noise and preventing damage from clogged microphones.

Available in eight stylish colours, (royal blue, black, chocolate brown, beige, camouflage, lipstick pink, orange/red and grey), Ear Gear can add some pizzazz to your hearing aid. The product can also be washed and reused over and over again.

Ear Gear comes with a one-year “unconditional customer satisfaction guarantee”, so if it does not work for you for any reason - just send it back and they will refund you, including shipping!

Smart jewellery

If the person you are buying for loves their technology, then one sure way to impress them is to buy some smart jewellery for them.

An article on Appcessories recommends the Cuff device as it fits into a number of specially designed bracelets that notify the user of important text messages, phone calls or calendar alerts by vibrating.

The device can send out safety alerts to specified contacts if the wearer is in trouble and soon the smart jewellery will include fitness tracking capabilities. Cuff has also revealed that as well as smart bracelets, a new smart Cuff necklace will be unveiled in the near future.

Bluetooth Personal Listening Device

A Bluetooth personal listening device is created for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. It improves their hearing experience and enhances their quality of life by developing communication.

The product has a built-in personal amplifier so that those with hearing loss will benefit from an improved hearing experience in a one-to-one basis or in small group situations as well as making listening to the radio and TV more enjoyable.

The product also allows phone calls to be taken wirelessly from your mobile phone just by pressing a button.


Image Credit: Hayleighs Cherished Charms, AUD Bling, Gear for Ears.




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